About the Study Guide

This study guide was made to serve as an aide for school teachers and others who want to further explore and promote discussion about the issues raised in the Face to Face: Encounters between Jews & Blacks book or exhibit. The study-guide poses thought-provoking questions, suggests group and individual activities, and offers a list of additional resources that would add historical and sociological perspectives. The O.J. verdict and the Million Man March showed us how divided opinion can be. The Face to Face project asks that all of us take some time to meet and listen to each other. The objective here is to create face to face encounters that will result in a better understanding, despite the differing perspectives that will invariably emerge.

30 pages printed on card stock with ring binding (8.5" x 11")

Creators of the study-guide are:

Lenora Berson, Aministrative Director, Arts West, Philadelphia.
Marie Amey-Taylor, trainer, Operation Understanding, Philadelphia.
Pam Austin, African American Studies Department, Temple University.
Carolyn Clark, group leader, Delphi Group, Philadelphia.
Gail Montgomery Watson, teacher, Philadelphia School System.

Edited by: Jennifer Connolly

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