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Anyos munchos i Buenos
*NEW* City / 2
Echele Ganas: A Life Left Behind
La Baie/Bath Scenes
Face to Face
Imagining Cutumba
Last Jews of Radauti
La Lucha/the Struggle
Neighbors on the Block
de Noche/by Night
*NEW* Rittenhouse Square
Stone Roses: Poems from Transylvania
*NEW* Tlaxcalan Sketches
*NEW* Transylvanian Shepherds
Travels In Search of Turkey's Jews
*NEW* Corocoro
Dr. Rath, I Presume?
Echele Ganas: Do Your Best
Eddie & Alfred
Gordion 2009
I Remember Them Now
Imagining Cutumba
La Lucha/the Struggle
Miercoles De Ceniza
de Noche/by Night
Song of Radauti
Souvenirs of a Recent Time
A Story of Almendros
Turkey's Sephardim: 500 Years
Turnatul Bronzului: Bronze Pour
*NEW* Walter Chambi
We're #1 (1973 Mummers)
Willy's Blessing

Original image by Han Salzmann

Blue Flower's name comes from a non-existent blue flower first mentioned by the 19th Century German writer and poet Novalis in his unfinished novel, "Heinrich von Ofterdingen". This non-existent flower became for the German Romanticists a symbol of the unattainable and unending quest for perfection.

Blue Flower Press will continue to strive for perfection in all works published and distributed by Blue Flower. We welcome you to our web site and hope that you will one day find the Blue Flower.

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