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2023   *NEW* Kutlu Sokak   (Turkey)
2023   *NEW* Found at the Getty   (California)
2021   A Life with Others   (Life)
2021   Llamas & Donkeys   (Peru)
2021   Misk'i Kachi Runakuna // Sweet Salt People   (Peru)
2021   Xiloxoxtla   (Peru)
2020   Coral Windley Key Fossil Reef   (Florida)
2019   Convent de San Bernadino de Siena   (Yucatán)
2018   Almendros   (Spain)
2017   Misk'i Kachi / Sal Dulce / Sweet Salt   (Peru)
2014   Transylvanian Shepherds   (Romania)
2013   City / 2   (Philadelphia)
2013   Jerusalem's People in Public   (Jerusalem)
2013   Rittenhouse Square   (Philadelphia)
2013   Several Weeks...   (Philadelphia)
2013   Tlaxcalan Sketches   (Mexico)
2012   Aegean Stones   (Turkey)
2012   Echele Ganas: A Life Left Behind   (Mexico)
2012   SWIM   (Philadelphia)
2011   Travels In Search of Turkey's Jews   (Turkey)
2009   de Noche/by Night   (Argentina)
2007   La Lucha/the Struggle   (Cuba)
2006   Among the Birches   (Pennsylvania)
2002   Imagining Cutumba   (Cuba)
1999   Mioritza   (Romania)
1996   Face to Face   (Philadelphia)
1991   Anyos munchos i Buenos   (Turkey)
1985   Vents   (Philadelphia)
1983   Last Jews of Radauti   (Romania)
1983   Remembering Radauti   (Romania)
1983   Stone Roses: Poems from Transylvania   (Romania)
1980   La Baie / Bath Scenes   (Romania)
1971   Neighbors on the Block   (New York)
1966   The Family of Luis   (Mexico)
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Laurence Salzmann's Photo Montages

2007   La Lucha/the Struggle   (Cuba)
2003   Willy's Blessing   (Cuba)
2002   Imagining Cutumba   (Cuba)

2014   I Remember Them Now   (Romania)
2011   Mioritza   (Romania)
2011   Souvenirs of a Recent Time   (Romania)
2010   A Story of Almendros   (Spain)
1978   Song of Radauti   (Romania)
1976   Souvenirs of a Recent Time   (Romania)
1974   La Baie / Bath Scenes   (Romania)

2015   The Family of Luis   (Juárez)
2013   Constantino   (Mexico)
2009   Echeleganas: Do Your Best   (Tonalapa)
1969   Tlaxcalan Sketches   (Xiloxoxlta)

2020   Sweet Salt People   (Peru)
2019   Huilloc Valley   (Peru)
2019   Misk'i Kachi / Sal Dulce / Sweet Salt   (Peru)
2018   Jews of Colombia   (Colombia)
2017   Tales of the Inca   (Peru)
2014   Corocoro   (Peru)
2014   Dr. Rath, I Presume?   (Peru)
2014   Huanchaco   (Peru)
2014   Walter Chambi   (Bolivia)
2010   El Rayo   (Colombia)
2010   Miercoles De Ceniza   (Colombia)
2005   de Noche/by Night   (Argentina)

MIDDLE EAST (or Transcontinental)
2020   of Tooth and Stone   (Turkey/Philly)
2019   Kings in Stone: Shadows and Rulers   (Egypt/Philly)
2011   Gordion 2009   (Turkey)
1977   Jerusalem's People in Public   (Israel)

Turkey's Sephardim: 500 Years
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Excerpt: Expulsion
Excerpt: Purim
Photo Montage
Photo Montage: Life in Istanbul

Revisiting Turkey's Jews Vol. 1 - 2011:
Habib Gerez

Revisiting Turkey's Jews Vol. 2 - 2012:
We Are Decreasing in Numbers
Bar Mitzvah of Eres B. Molinas
The Funeral of Loni Keribar
Sukkah 2012
I Speak French, I Speak Spanish
Roza Gets Married

1989 Turkey
1989 Turkey
1989 Turkey
1989 Turkey
1989 Turkey
2010 Turkey
2010 Turkey

2011 Turkey
2011 Turkey
2011 Turkey
2011 Turkey

2012 Turkey
2012 Turkey
2012 Turkey
2012 Turkey
2012 Turkey
2012 Turkey

U.S.A. (and its Territories):
2020   Día de los Muertos   (Philadelphia, PA)
2019   3610: A Renovation   (Philadelphia, PA)
2019   Stephanie's Quinceañera   (Philadelphia, PA)
2018   Ernie: A Man for All Seasons   (Philadelphia, PA)
2012   Buscando la Finca   (Puerto Rico)
2012   Face to Face   (Philadelphia, PA)
2010   Girl Scout, Girl Scout!   (Philadelphia, PA)
2010   Life is Light   (Philadelphia, PA)
2010   Penn: Resuscitation Science   (Philadelphia, PA)
2010   Turnatul Bronzului: Bronze Pour   (America)
2005   Romania Redrawn   (Philadelphia, PA)
2002   El Festival Cubano   (Philadelphia, PA)
2002   Old St. Louis Cemetery   (New Orleans, LA)
Multi   MURALS   (Philadelphia, PA)
1995   Face to Face: Encounters...   (Philadelphia, PA)
1991   Rittenhouse Square   (Philadelphia, PA)
1985   Vents   (Philadelphia, PA)
1980   Who's Havin' Fun? (Mummers)   (Philadelphia, PA)
1973   Life on a Thread   (Raleigh, NC)
1973   We're #1 (Mummers)   (Philadelphia, PA)
1970   Eddie & Alfred   (New York, NY)
1971   Happiness et Le Bon Heur   (Philadelphia, PA)
1971   The Ragman (1971)   (Philadelphia, PA)

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