Remembering Rădăuți

ISBN: 978-1-7353995-8-4

90 Pages

Photographs by Laurence Salzmann

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Photography is a medium with an unusually long harvest: unseen bodies of work spring up from old archives, and "completed" projects un-complete themselves with fresh insight. Laurence Salzmann's works from Romania in the mid-1970s are among his most celebrated projects, especially The Last Jews of Rădăuți and La Baie/Bath Scenes. With I Remember them Now, Salzmann returns to this period of his career, and for the first time presents the fuller account of what he saw then: the shared lifeworld of Jews and Romanians as it unfolds in family homes, businesses, marketplaces, synagogues and shtibbels, churches, roadsides and yards. It is a world now largely lost, but not merely so. "There it was, word for word," writes the poet Wallace Stevens, "The poem that took the place of a mountain." And here it is, picture for picture, the town now a vision in the mind's eye.  - Jason Francisco, essayist / photographer

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