Found at the Getty

ISBN: 978-1-7353995-6-0

84 Pages

Photographs by Laurence Salzmann

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The J. Paul Getty Museum in Brentwood, California is well known for its extraordinary collections, ranging from antiquity to the present. While most visitors are gazing at the artworks in the galleries, some of the most stunning wonders of the Getty are found underfoot, on the very floor you stand on--Travertine tiles made of natural limestone, a sedimentary rock that is formed in warm springs from mineral deposits. Quarried for over two thousand years, travertine takes its name from the ancient city of Tibor, now Tivoli, in modern Italy. The infinitely rich textures and shapes of this natural stone suggest an equally infinite range of forms that seem like recognizable things, made visible in the viewer’s imagination -- a process of seeing known as pareidolia.

The photographs in Found at the Getty evoke both permanence and impermanence and reference Salzmann’s current concerns about life and photography and are, in his own words, “a metaphor of a life’s journey where nothing remains the same except for memories from the past, which more often than not remain in sharper focus than events of yesterday.”

Hidden & Found: Page Samples<1/6>

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Llamas & Donkeys<01/09>

Llamas & Donkeys<02/09>

Llamas & Donkeys<03/09>

Llamas & Donkeys<04/09>

Llamas & Donkeys<05/09>

Llamas & Donkeys<06/09>

Llamas & Donkeys<07/09>

Llamas & Donkeys<08/09>

Llamas & Donkeys<09/09>

Llamas & Donkeys<10/09>

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