Who's Havin' Fun? (1980 Mummers)

"Who's Havin' Fun?" tells the story of one string band and one fancy club. The year is 1980 the hostage crisis was going on in Iran--leading to Carter loosing the election.

It seems that we are still in crisis mode: North Korea, Iran, Donald Trump.

Although things have changed drastically since 1980, Mummers continue their mumming. Women are now part of the mix and Mexicans have groups in the parade as well whose members could be deported if Philadelphia were not a sanctuary city.

"Who's Havin' Fun?" My mummer film made by me and Jonathan Greene of Blessed Memory. It is a fun film and if you watch it all you will find out the meaning of, "who's havin' fun," said by Bobbie Shannon a past Captain of the Quaker City String Band.